I still haven’t found out why I woke up covered in milk cartons.

And why there was blood in my mouth.


#Do I want to know who’s blood this is.

I’m gonna go and give a guess that blood was probably mine. Judging by the teeth marks on my arm anyway.

Not sure about the milk cartons though

Oh. Sorry about that, then. I’m sure there’s a good reason for the bite.

How did I even get 10-20 milk cartons?

Well I tried wrestling a wine bottle out of your hand, the rest of the night was a blank…

I don’t even think there’s a grocery store miles from here, so it’s unlikely you bought/stole them while you were drunk, maybe they were already here?

I’m going to guess the bite came from me trying to defend my wine bottle.


I don’t understand why there’d be 20 cartons of milk just lying about.

Who needs to have 20 cartons of milk all at the same time? 

Got a point there Tash…

I can’t even seem to figure out where we are. Looks like a S.H.E.I.L.D base but nobody’s around. Doesn’t look like anyone’s been around for awhile either, it’s highly unlikely somebody would ration 20 cartons of milk here…or at all. Seriously what’s with the milk cartons? 

That doesn’t even smell like milk, what’s in there?